Vital Strive

Vital Strive


for gymnasts who want more!


Vital Strive  gymnastics classes range from 2 – 19 hrs per week, and provide gymnasts with a progressive pathway through the Australian National Levels program (Level 1-10).

Whether you are new to the sport, a junior gymnast in the making ,or an experienced, high level gymnast, Vital Strive  gymnastics programs are designed to encourage and inspire all gymnasts to be the very best they can be!

Vital offers two different competitive streams for women’s artistic gymnastics,  National Development Program and State Level program. The purpose of these streams is to allow gymnasts to develop at their own rate relative to their ability. All gymnasts are assessed and selected to enter the competitive program based on physical ability and the desire to train.

Vital holds a high reputation in WA with many of our level 7 to 10 gymnasts competing at top standards,  and being selected to represent WA and Australia at National competitions and International competitions.


  • Vital Strive program is by invitation only.
  • Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG) Level 3 to 10 – State and National Stream
  • Women’s Rhythmic Gymnastics Level 1 to 10
  • Women’s Artistic and Rhythmic National Elite Levels
  • Club uniform required for competitions

For any inquiries or commendations, please call: (08) 9204 3183 or fill out our online form

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